Monday, 13 March 2017

What I've been playing this week

Pretty much just picross. Almost done with picross e6, just mega picross left. And in picross e7, I have just a few puzzles left in micross and the megapicross puzzles left. I really don't like mega picross though. I unlocked the 20 x 20 puzzles in picross ds.

I would have played some more Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (getting near the ending) but with Breath of the Wild on the way and Persona 5 too, I didn't want to be juggling too many games. I ordered Breath of the Wild from amazon uk and went with free shipping soit should arrive by the 20th march. And zavvi says the est Persona 5 is 4th april.

I'm going to london for a wedding on april 6th. No point in starting Persona 5 until afterwards. I also send off the form to renew my passport today, fingers crossed I'll get it back in time. Also, passport pictures always suck. Always.

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