Monday, 20 February 2017


So our broadband got switched today. It went from 4 download to 17 download, speedy! And we're saving money! Anyway, I played some more of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, getting closer to the end. I like this game, I like the characters, I like the battle system. Little bit easy though. But I would recommend it. Also played some Persona 4 Golden, getting near the end in that too. This playthough (I've played it before and on the PS2 as well) was rushed through to get things like knowledge and courage maxed out so that next playthrough, I'd have more free time and it's be easier to max out social links. The only trophies I probably won't ever get in this game is the Rise lines trophy and thus the platinum. Oh well. Taking a break from picross as I was playing a lot of Picross e5/e6/e7 at the same time, so much picross, and this was after beating the Zelda picross game too. I love picross just a little too much, me thinks.

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