Monday, 6 February 2017

games I've been playing

Loads and loads of Picross. I love picross. So much fun. I've been playing Picross e5, e6 and e7, and in January I beat the Zelda picross game from My Nintendo. I've also been (re)playing Persona 4 Golden. I played Persona 4 on the PS2 about 2 and a half times, then when I got P4 Golden on the Vita, I beat it with almost all maxed social links and a nearly filled compendium. I then deleted the game from my Vita without realizing that doing so would take my save with it. Bummer. So now I'm just speeding through the text, working on things like diligence and knowledge and I'm only working on a few social links, aeon, jester, justice, hierophant and hermit. Although I'll only get hermit to rank 9, if I'm going to have to fish to max it out, I only want to do it once in a max all social links playthough (I think there's a trophy for that!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to Persona 5 and I hope they release more games in the picross e series.

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